Bonus Bets - 4.7 out of 5 based on 9 votes
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We have recently added bonus bets to the administrator control panel. Bonus bets are an easy way to give a user a free bet. This can be useful to lure new users, or to reward existing users who have experienced a recent loss, for example. To issue a bonus bet, simply go to manage users > edit user > and click the "Give bonus bet" button near the bottom. Once issued, bonus bets can only be used once, on straight spread/total bets only (no moneyline, parlays, teasers, etc.). A bonus bet will not affect a user's balance or available unless they win the bet, in which case their account will be credited the win amount of the bet. The bonus bet must be used in it's entirety at the time the wager is placed, it cannot be split up amoung multiple bets. Only one bonus bet can be issued to a user at one time. To void or change a bonus bet, simply issue a new bonus bet for that user (use 0 to void the bonus bet for that user).