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If you own a bakery, It’s clever to offer many different types of breads instead of a same old traditional bread of your bakery. You must swallow up that traditional thought to reach success. The smart thing about this is variations attract people and also gets the notice of a big margin of people. Therefore you get a lot customer to give it a shot and if your product is good, eventually a lot will leave but also a lot will stay with your product.

To be a better bakery, you must offer other items than bread which the market likes, such as pastries, chicken, pork rolls, sweet sand, (yum!)

In a philosophical perspective, online sports betting is much like the bakery. The more sports you offer that people can bet on, the more people will come to check it out.

A sports-bettor might have started with just horse racing and boxing, but soon sees that there is another hungry market that’s craving for their attention. Bringing up this hungry market in front of them is what you need to do as a bookie.

What we see today is an impressive choice of things to bet on. It’s twice as impressive to mention that it was only just a few years ago when there was nowhere near the choices we have today. The benefits of having this large choice is:

· More punters in the market is a good thing for individuals

· You can find your niche sport to bet on

· You can place a bet on almost every sport(and reality show) you see on TV

No doubt betting agencies know all the benefits to offering a variety of choice. As time goes on, you’ll see more and more things to bet on. Hey I’m curious, what do you like to bet on – let me know below?


The big list of sports you can bet on


I have put together a list of sports that are on offer at most betting agencies. The list below is a combination of what you’ll find at two specific places. Bookiesoft and TAB Sportsbet


· American Football

· Australian Rules

· Baseball

· Basketball

· Boxing

· Cricket

· Cross Sports Accumulators

· Darts

· Fishing

· Gaelic Games

· Golf

· Greyhound Racing

· House Racing

· Ice Hockey

· Mixed Martial Arts

· Motor Sports

· Netball

· Rugby League

· Rugby Union

· Soccer

· Swimming

· Tennis

· Volleyball


I’ll mention again that this list is from and TAB Sportsbet. It is possible that other betting agencies will not have as many choices for you, or they might even have more to choose from.