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Pay per head is an online based software for sports betting which is provided by a company that provides services for sports booking.

A bookie seeks assistance in the online world and pay per head is the solution that best suits to this interest when it comes to sports betting. Pay per head service as the name suggests, is a service that enables a management system for each and every players of his sports book.

This allows the bookie to make an office like manpower set to work for the sake of each and every player. Pay per head service includes a calculation on accounts, records of all activities and also a number of call center agents on duty 24x7. It’s like owning a whole office without spending for it.

The best part is it that all the people working behind this service are all professional sports betting specialists with multiple years of experience. Perfect people to work with if you want to be big in this business. It is considered the most successful and operative online service for the sports betting world for its efficiency.

Apparently, we are the pay per head software provider company you must be looking for to work for your sports book. From our years of experience in this service, we have developed multiple schemes on how to use the pay per head service to become successful in the sports betting world. One of the schemes we developed is called "pay less and play more" scheme. For more information, Please talk to our agents.