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When you can find originality in the way you do things, you need to copy others. From copying learn what they do and don’t. After all that mix it up with your own personality. And voila, you have a personality of your own.

The reason why I’m telling you these is to motivate you to imitate the habit the most effective people in the world have in their list. Success is not a choice, it’s a habit. I think you’ve heard of the saying. Success is a habit. If you can’t gain success in the little deals then, there is 90% chance of you not getting the taste of success in the big deals. You must train yourself as a successful man and no other than the habits of people you respect can help you be that. People have idols so that they can look up to him/her and try to be him/her. Though it’s copying but still, use it in the right way, it’s actually immensely self-improving.

Just think about it. Take a few minutes. I’ll be writing the top 7 habits of successful sportsbetters while you are at it. This is a sportsbetting article after all.

There may be more numbers than 7 but, in the world of numbers 7 is very popular and which is why I’m using it as an eye catcher.


The Seven Habits of Highly skilled Sports Bettors

Can I guarantee success and effectiveness? Well can you handle the truth? Because the answer is Yes. And not just Yes, the answer is Without a Doubt. I can say this as I know the following habits is what makes people successful and effective in sports betting. No doubt about it.

If you are lacking in any of these areas, it could directly influence the amount of success you see. So take in these seven habits, commit to a little transformation in your life, and start earning some more money.


Betting With the End in Mind

What not to do. You’re interested in online sports betting, so one day you open an account, place a few bets and take it from there. Ah no. You’re not getting anywhere. Betting with the end in mind means picturing how your ideal situation is like and working towards making that a reality. Clearly envision yourself in the future, how much are you betting, how much are you making… are you happy? You should be. What you can envision should become your reality if you follow the steps to come.


Accountable To Your Bets

Realize that the results of your bets should hold you accountable. If you are losing more often than winning, you need to take a few steps back in the process and analyze where in the process you’re failing. Is it your sports? Is it the way in which you are researching? Is it your betting agencies below par odds? Accountability comes from your results, and by determining the end in mind. This is similar to holding a specific target to achieve with your bets.


Important Bets Come First

Or in other words, stick to what you know and focus on that before getting fancy. This comes back to step 1 as well. Once you know the end, you can work backwards to determine; what’s the sport you know very well, what sports has the best odds, how interested are you in following that sport, and ultimately, how much money can you take out from that sports. Once you know this information, focus on these Important Bets first. Once you’ve done that, get as fancy as you like.


Keep Your Betting Agency Close

Once you start hitting some high bets, or some high level of frequent bets, it’s best to make yourself known to the account managers at your betting agency, if they haven’t already introduced themselves to you. Keep close to these guys and show respect in your dealings with them. This in turn will create mutual respect on their side with you. This will come in handy. Keep contact every other month in the form of an email or by picking up the telephone.


Love Your Art

It’s important that you really love what you are doing. Sometimes this needs a conscious effort to realize that online sports betting really is fun. Remind yourself this as much as needed, so that your subconscious gets the message. With your subconscious now in tune, you will be able to show more passion, more love into what you do. The more love, the more time you will want to commit to understanding your art even better.



As you grow in bet volume you will want to hire highly skilled people to help you. This will relieve some pressure from you and at the same time improve the quality in that what you do, as these skilled people will have their own way (which maybe better then your current way of doing things) of getting things done. Encourage these relationships and in return these relationships will help you out in many beneficial ways.


Performing at Your Best

For you to get the most out of your sports betting, it’s important to have a good balance in other areas of your life. So the people that you know should be encouraging, you should be eating healthy, you should spend time with exercise, and so on. Life should be a good balance, and this balance will help you perform at your best.


There you have the seven habits of highly effective sports betting stars. Take on the challenge of bringing some of these habits into your life as well. See how it will affect you. I have no doubt at all it will make a significant difference for the better.

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