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Sometimes the reason for your miserable state may not be because of the people you are cursing from within your heart, or it may not be the world which you are thinking is conspiring against you. If you are not winning bets in your sport betting life, is it really because you just have a bad luck? If you conclude it like that, it will stay like that forever. So, what you need to do to change your situation is to change your strategy in sports betting.


Let me ask you a question, how much do you know about the sports you are betting on? Did you ever think how it would be if you have the same knowledge about the sports like one of your favorite player?


No, you can’t be a player like your favorite player with sheer knowledge itself. But, think how much difference you can make in your sports betting career if you are well informed. Yes, Ignorance about the topic you are thinking about cause you failure is what I’m trying to say from the beginning of this article.


It is a fact in the sports betting world that, the well informed ones are the ones who experience success in this world of sports betting. Because they know which player of which team will play like how at which place. It is huge benefactor, believe me. Also, experts refer that, concentrating all your efforts on one particular sport is a serious game changer for sports betters. Let me tell you few step ups on this so you can experience the game changer yourself. Think it as a step by step tutorial to SUCCESS.


• Using RSS Feeds of Websites relevant to your sport


• Signing up to newsletters to the websites you frequent as they often have information that’s not published on their site communicated through their newsletter


• Google Alerts to track specific keywords sent to your email, or delivered to your RSS software – such as Google Reader

• Sports betting tip agencies to get an understanding of how the experts are evaluating the event


• Frequently visiting websites that have experts for the sport event – such as the BBC


• By Keeping a spreadsheet with the performance of your team – A grueling task, but one that could help you further your understanding of the game and certain statistics that are vital


• Using Google, and/or other Search Engines


• Magazines and other printed sources – a slow way to gather data, but this is one that I like because it’s organized and easy to read (Instead of a tutorial here I’ll create a future post that breaks down magazines into sporting categories)


If you know how to use the above sources than go right ahead and get into it. If you already use these or other techniques, please let us know on Bookiesoft.com.


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