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For some people it is considered that having multiple accounts is a crime. And most people actually do this crime for your information. If you aren’t doing it then that’s news for you.


While most betting agencies instruct you to have one account the reason behind this is that it ensures your 100% bet on one strike. This is very profitable for the agencies if I have to say.  But, as a sportsbetter, you need to keep yourself on the profit list and not the agency. So, in this article I’ll be describing few very good reasons to have multiple sportsbetting account.

        Promotions – Both bookmakers and betting exchanges (but mostly bookmakers) offer really attractive promotions throughout the year.These promotions are so attractive and inviting that they heavily turn the odds to your favour. From a retailing store point of view, this is like selling a product under cost to get you in the door. They expect that when they have you in the door, you’ll make other non-promotional bets, and to stick around a lot longer to place more bets. This is their time to impress you – let them do so I say.Taking advantage of these promotions while showing discipline should work out nicely in your favor.


         Check odds – When there are no promotions on with any betting agency, who do you use to place your bets with? Well the second best way is through getting the best odds.So before you make your bets, log into all your accounts, check the odds, find out who has the best value and put your money there.



         Winning streak? – Betting agencies don’t want to winning all the time. It’s just not nice for them.Some agencies have clauses in their terms and conditions that allow them to charge you a small fee if you win consistently.So put your pride to one side and either take a few losses every now and then, or diversify your winnings between agencies.If you have this type of problem success of constantly winning, I’d love to hear from you!


         Websites crash – Look I have never had a betting website crash on me before. I think their servers and redundancy plans will almost always prevent this from happening.However it might happen. You just never know. I have seen some BIG websites go down in the past, so as much as I am confident, I’m also realistic.This really can make a big difference on betting exchanges, or in situations when you are using arbitrage.



         History – Building up history with sports betting agencies is nice. But it doesn’t come with massive rewards.If your idea is to only use one agency in the hope that spending a lot of money there will ensure you some special privileges, unfortunately that’s not happening anytime soon.It is true that there are some incentives, but it’s not as good as the normal promotions that they release.

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