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Sports betting for you

Why some people are jobless and stay jobless.

One word, discipline. The essays we read when we were at school to pass or get good marks on a subject, was not in our textbook for that sole purpose. It had greater meaning in the long run. Teachers added it to the syllabus so that kids get to learn what really is important for life, whether present or future.


Just the problem is, that's all that the teachers do on that matter. They don't usually do a good job trying to teach the students about what discipline is. The most rational explanation about that is, they aren't very disciplined about life themselves. So as a result, students don't learn and there comes a time when they feel lost and just Dont know what to do. At that time even if you give them a good lesson of discipline they won't really get it. Young age is the best time to learn something and apply it to life. When people grow old, they become too egotistic with themselves and reject any kind of lessons that doesn't match their own made ideals.


Leaving them stressed, tensed and what not?

But the most deadly symptoms people face at this time is being jobless. Their whole life living undisciplined at that time forms into such a monster, they just can't get rid of it.


This monster is called laziness. Laziness is more like the alter ego of the word discipline. Because, what Discipline teach people is not to abide by rules; it teaches us to be hard working. To maintain rules you have to work hard for it. Because you know,


Life has so many ways of getting you off your track. You have to work hard to maintain the car you are driving on the right track. People who have been jobless for a while r like so not because they are not skilled enough, its because they can't handle the thought of getting up early in the morning everyday and show up for work. It is totally insane comparing to the routine they are living on. This leads them to sympathize themselves when they do bad on an interview saying "I did my best, my competitors were just too good etc." Of course they are good. While you've been lazing around, they did their shit. No offense.


If the person wasn't as lazy as he is, he/she would have given some more effort into the preparation of the interview. Failure feels the worst when you fail at something without realizing the gravity of the situation.


Some even quit their job because they just can't handle restriction in the way they live and gets their ass into business but not making much from it in the end. Because even business needs hard work.


For the kind of people who are in love with their laziness and undisciplined way of life, there is something called gambling. Depending on something called luck which is something one doesn't make. Don't blame them, while some people totally ruin themselves in gambling, some do end up making fortune. But there are ways to use discipline in gambling to assure success too. Sports betting is one of the ways. Watching your favorite sport, lazing around at the same time earning money, isn't a bad idea is it?


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