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Champions League Finals

Coach Discussion

Real Madrid Vs Liverpool. One team undefeated in the champions league this season so far and the other is the undefeated champions of Europe for the last 2 seasons.

Quite the spectacle we have in our hands at 26th May 2018 on the NSC Olimpiyskiy Stadium in Kiev, Ukraine. This is the sixth European Cup/Champions League

final hosted at an Eastern European venue following those in 1973 in Belgrade, Yugoslavia, the 1983, 1994 and 2007 finals hosted by Athens, Greece as well

as the 2008 final in Moscow, Russia.


Anyway, lets come into the match discussions. Real Madrid the highest time winning Champions League cup winner is going to be defending their title against one of the

most prestigous british football club, Liverpool. Led by the tactical genius Jurgen Klopp who is the reason of Real Madrid's last most memorable loss in the champions

league. Coaching the Borrussia Dortmund football club previously, he gave madrid a 4-1 loss in the champions league season 2012/13. People mostly remember Robert

Lewandowsky from the game, but you can never put Klopp out of that picture. He was the Manager in the center of attention at that time as he met multiple success with

the team Borrussia Dortmund. He also is the manager who brought players like Mario Gotze, Robert Lewandowsky, Marco Reus, Gundogan, Mats Hummels and others to a height where the

world football just couldn't resist their existence. The expertise of Klopp is going to be key factor in the Final coming at the end of May.

When it comes to being experience as manager; Klopp is far greater than Real Madrid Coach Zinedine Zidane. But, Zidane's success talks for itself on which Klopp has no

comparison against him. This French Legend and ex-Real Madrid might have quit football in 2006 but Football didn't quit on him. Neither did his loyalty to his favourite

club Real Madrid fade in the years when he was away from football. He was training to become this awesome coach he is now we are seeing as the Real Madrid Head. Could

you believe it? 3 UCL final he has reached and won 2 of them in his last 4 UCL seasons. This guy is just too good of a manager. We are not clear what he does or says or trains the players

in what way to make them perform like that but, whatever he does seems to work. The same the real madrid fans will be hoping this upcoming final. No matter what tactics klopp

throw, the Real Madrid fans can hope a worthy come back from the BOSS. No matter which coach prevails on this final, we can hope this final to be one of the best finals

in the history of the Champions League. And When Liverpool is concerned, thats a must. As the last Final they played is the Final we still couldnt forget. Beating AC MILAN with a comeback to

remember. With so much promises from both teams, which team will you be betting on this final?

Bettings are ON in Dont miss the chance to be a part of this last big Final before the WORLD CUP.