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This world cup 2018 held in Russia is certainly not the best world cup for the big names of footballing nations. Only big teams being able to pull of a win is England beating Tunisia 2-1 after Harry Kane scored a late goal in the 91st minute of the additional time and. France beating their opponents 2-1 and uruguay beating their opponents 1-0. Other than that, teams like Brazil, Argentina, Spain, Portugal all came out of the first round fright with a draw. All against small and underrated football nations. Except for the Spain-Portugal match which is considered as the best match of World cup so far with a scoreline of 3-3, no other big nations are shining. Germany the defending champion on the other hand lost their first match against Mexico. By losing Germany has now become the fourth champion team since 2002 to lose their first group stage game. This champion team losing and getting knocked off in the first round seems to have become a feature of the World Cup. Spain getting knocked of at the last world cup, everyone is predicting Germany quitting in early stage too. 
When it comes to big names of football, Cristiano Ronaldo is standing at the top with his hat-trick against Spain. Lukaku Of Belgium with his two goals against  Panama and Harry Kane with his two goals against Tunisia are at the top of the leaderboards with most goals and the chase for golden boot. The most controversial superstar is currently Lionel Messi who failed to score in the match against Iceland also missing the penalty to win it for Argentina. Neymar on the other hand was too busy diving and getting his jersey dragged by the swiss defenders without scoring the whole match. Asian team Japan beat Colombia who are considered as the world cup favourites. Also Senegal beat Lewandowsky's Poland by 2 goals to 1. All these going on is making the world cup the most unpredictable of all world cup tournaments before.
Overall, every 32 teams of the world cup has now finished playing their first game in the world cup and so far it has been a world cup of the underdogs and many are even saying that we might just have a New champion on our hands. 
Who are you betting on to win the championship? Betting in this world cup has become very tough considering the result Of first round so far. Bet wisely is my opinion to you and bet with is my suggestion. Until next time...