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Many have already started to call this World Cup the Best World Cup ever. Why??

Because it just never cease to amaze you. Everything unexpected is happening. Many times we have seen in the past that a team who are for example had great qualifying campaign, one of the top ten teams in the world, played very bad in their world cup game but gets the victory anyway just because they are the better team for all their fame and glory. But in this world cup, that doesn't seem to be the case. The team that's playing better in the field, is getting the win. No matter how low they are in the ranking. People are seeing something that's beyond their imagination in every single game. Just the kind of World cup you would wait 4 years for.

Let's get down to whats actually happening now. We are going to look into the drama and spectacular scenes world has witnessed in the first knockout phase of the tournament. First was the game of Argentina against France. The tournament favourites France against the team with the most supporters in the world. Griezman Vs. Messi. All eyes were on the magic the Argentine number 10 was going to display but the other number 10 was the one who displayed the magic. With fast pace that outmatched all the Argentine defense also the finishing of a world class striker, Killian Mbappe totally showed the world what he is made of. This 19 year old earned a penalty and later scored two fabulous goals to shatter the dreams of Messi Of winning the world cup.
Beating Argentina 4-3; France was waiting to know who their opponents will be on the quarterfinals. Which brings us to the next game where another best in the world was set to face the duo who are known as the most accomplished center forwards in the World. Cristiano Ronaldo against Luis Suarez and Edinson Cavani. Portugal against Uruguay.

In this Game, Cavani and Suarez very quickly showed why they are the best. With a goal that only needed one long pass over to Suarez from Cavani and a deadly accurate cross of Suarez over to the very capable head of Cavani. Goal worth remembering. The Portuguese striked on the second half to level the score through Pepe only to be trailed 2-1 after a classical finish by Cavani on the 70s. The Score remained 2-1 till the end. Which also brought an end of two of the greatest players career in the World Cup. The Great Cr7 and LM10 will probably never come to shake the grandest stage of them all and so ended their dreams to win the World Cup. They are out on the first day of the knockouts. Uruguay and France prevails on the first day.