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Quarter final phase of the 2018th edition of world cup is over and for the first time ever, the world is going to witness a semi-final phase without either Brazil, Argentina and Germany. Another History that's been made in this world cup. This world cup just doesn't seem to stop on its track on making history.

Anyway, moving on to the games; the quarter final phase started with the game between France Vs Uruguay. Huge expectations from the French team after their famous victory against Messi's Argentina. No less from the team which knocked out Ronaldo's Portugal too. But Uruguay's shineman Edinson Cavani being out for injury really was a setback for the North Americans. And it was largely visible the whole game. With the Goal of Griezman and Madrid's Varane, France apparently beat Uruguay without breaking a sweat is what football experts are saying about it. The game later that was the unannounced final of this world cup between two of the most favourites to win the tournament. Belgium against Brazil. Showcasing tactical teamwork on the offensive in the first half and defensive on the second, Belgium went in front brazil by an own goal by Fernandinho. The man who replaced the double yellow Carded Casemiro. Then we witnessed a hell of a goal by Man City man De Bruyne when he shot a bullet towards the brazillian goal which Ellison had no chance of stopping. Romelo Lukaku's great run created the opportunity for this Belgian Superstar. Brazil came back in the game by a header from the substitute Augusta. The scoresheet remained 2-1 until full time because of an exceptional performance by the Belgian goalkeeper Courtois. Named Man of the Match this Atletico Madrid goalkeeper is now set to meet his club teammate Griezman in the Semis.

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