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Are you ready for some fast rushes, heavy tackles, critical interceptions and game changing TOUCHDOWNS?? You know what I'm talking about?? Yes, YES YES!! 

Another year has passed and it has brought about another exciting season of NFL. The chances of you getting bored on your weekends is officially out of the picture now.

The official news of NFL new season starting on 6th of september is no joke ladies & gentlemen. All your favourite rugby stars and teams are ready for action. After winning the last NFL season Philadelphia Eagles are certainly doing very good and coming in with their best performance no doubt. The runner up New England Patriots after playing two back to back superbowl are certainly not feeling any less than the Eagles. Other teams as always, will not be going easy on them. Training to their best and learning all the crazy tricks and tactics are on their breakfast list everyday now. Because, the pre-season friendlies are knocking on the door. Pre season friendlies are set to happen tomorrow and no doubt about it, all teams won't take them very lightly.

Now, the above section of the article is for the sportsfans, but as you know that is not all there is about NFL.

Many already guessed it as just like the new season of NFL is bringing upon new possibilities of excitement, it also opens a huge possibilities to earn big cash. Yes, YES, YESH, CASH!!! Betting companies all over the world are not holding back in terms of preparations for the new season. Bringing about new offers and promises for the pros and beginners alike. If you are one of those sportsbetting fan looking to become a bookie, check out Its the most trustworthy and user friendly pay per head software provider out there. not familiar with what pay per head is?

No problem. Please visit and call our agent to know all about how sportsbetting works and introduce you to all the latest trends and tricks of sportsbetting. The bookiesoft sportsbetting blog is your A to Z guide to sportsbetting success.

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Big names of the betting world are often not the best choice for you. All that glitters is not gold is what the saying goes regarding it. Companies of any particular field becomes big by good service and through great employees but that often changes in the process of time and success. When money is involved, things change fast as you may know already. Whether you are a bookie or a gambler, that is a rule you must break in order to be consistent. Well enough with the life lessons lets get back to the topic. Today I am going to share with you some guidelines for you to choose better providers so that you recieve good result. 5 ways you could guess that you are getting the best pay per head service. Here we go:

1. They are not Cheap: Often in betting world, you will come across pay per head providers who provide service that is a little cheaper than you can ever imagine. Do not and I repeat do not fall for those. These are strategies of a company to get a fortune of betters in their domain with little prmoises in return. To run an ideal pay per head service a company needs varities of employees who needs to get paid quality salary. If the amount they are providing services for is too less, it means they haven’t got the sufficient amount of employees to run things successfully. Various kinds of situations you will face when you start betting with them which is something you must avoid in order to be profitable from sportsbetting.

2. They are time friendly: When a game ends, immediately you get the cash in your account. To be time friendly a service providers must be available 24x7. And trust me, there are some companies who have employees working on different shifts to make sure your money is getting cut or sent to your account the minute your game results are live. You must make sure your pay per head providers are giving you this service.

3. They are not asking advance before starting: Some betting companies offer free trial but when you agree for this free trial, they come up with some charge that is totally illogical saying its part of the terms and conditions. Avoid these kind of scenerio and if you can, talk to multiple company agents before taking talks to further level to ensure that you pick the right ones.

4. Trustworthy: Trust is a commitment hard to recieve from a company you have just started working with or just came upon when searching for the right company. All will be polite and all will be professional when making the deals. Its pretty hard to decide if its trustworthy on few minutes talk. But you can gain a little glimpse of trustworthy quality of a company by reading their blogs. A companies blogs are always written by a companies marketting strategists. Read some of the blog writings from the website of a company to get a little hunch on how the company is doing with their business and how consistent they are being with their clients. The same is what you will recieve, is it satisfying to you? Read them out to know.

5. Number 5 tip to get the best pay per head service is to know your game. If you don’t know your game well enough and how it works on sportsbetting, you might be dissatisfied of the service even if the service is good.
Last but not least, I will let you decide which company works the best for you but I will go after sharing some names whom from my experience provides the best there is., bet365, Aceperhead are some of them. Talk to the agents and follow the guidelines if you are going to any other. Have a nice career and enjoy to the fullest.

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World cup 2018 Round of 16 discussion pt. 2 - 4.5 out of 5 based on 26 votes
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The day after the world cup felt the shock of losing the Greatest Players of the Modern Time, came an a day with even more shocking turn of events. The host Russia was set to meet the 2010 World Cup Champions Spain. Fans of all around the world pretty much started expecting a quarterfinals with Spain. Despite, its Russia who was performing better in the world cup. But, wheather play good or bad; hosts are up against a formidable opponent none the less. And they proved it pretty fast by making the host trail 1-0 inside 20 minutes. By an own goal but, Russia were trailing against the tournament favourites now. After numerous tries to break the very solid Spanish defense, the score remained 1-0 after the first half. The second half started to change the scenario after Pique made a very silly defensive move of blocking the ball with his hand when a Russian forward headed the ball towards the goal. Pique thought he would maybe deceive the eye of the referee but he didn't. Russia was awarded a penalty which Dzyuba the great Russian striker made no mistake with. 1-1 was the scoreline. Despite having the quality of players in the Spanish forward, they were unable to change the scoreline even after extra time. In penalties, Russia scored all four of their penalties whereas Spain's Koke and Jordi Alba missed their penalties to give the Host another day to celebrate in the quarters.

The next game was between Croatia and Denmark. A game that recorded the earliest goal in World Cup History. In 58 seconds after the game started, Denmark scored. The world came upon a shock seeing the Croatian team behind. But as expected from Croatia, Croatia delivered. They scored after only 2 minutes of falling behind. What a start!!

After such a start, the whole game was very much not exciting. The match came alive in the second half of the extra time. When Croatia was awarded a penalty. The Denmark hearts were very close from being broken when Luka Modric failed to score from the spot. The game went on to penalties and the same story went on. Denmark missed their first of the 5 and so did Croatia. What was going on?? Everyone wondered.

The game in the end was won by Croatia after Denmark missed their fourth penalty of the 5. Ended a day of exhilarating sporting action in the grandest stage of World cup.

Russia will be facing Croatia in the quarter finals of the 2018 World Cup.

Quarter final turns number of fans into Half - 4.5 out of 5 based on 18 votes
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Quarter final phase of the 2018th edition of world cup is over and for the first time ever, the world is going to witness a semi-final phase without either Brazil, Argentina and Germany. Another History that's been made in this world cup. This world cup just doesn't seem to stop on its track on making history.

Anyway, moving on to the games; the quarter final phase started with the game between France Vs Uruguay. Huge expectations from the French team after their famous victory against Messi's Argentina. No less from the team which knocked out Ronaldo's Portugal too. But Uruguay's shineman Edinson Cavani being out for injury really was a setback for the North Americans. And it was largely visible the whole game. With the Goal of Griezman and Madrid's Varane, France apparently beat Uruguay without breaking a sweat is what football experts are saying about it. The game later that was the unannounced final of this world cup between two of the most favourites to win the tournament. Belgium against Brazil. Showcasing tactical teamwork on the offensive in the first half and defensive on the second, Belgium went in front brazil by an own goal by Fernandinho. The man who replaced the double yellow Carded Casemiro. Then we witnessed a hell of a goal by Man City man De Bruyne when he shot a bullet towards the brazillian goal which Ellison had no chance of stopping. Romelo Lukaku's great run created the opportunity for this Belgian Superstar. Brazil came back in the game by a header from the substitute Augusta. The scoresheet remained 2-1 until full time because of an exceptional performance by the Belgian goalkeeper Courtois. Named Man of the Match this Atletico Madrid goalkeeper is now set to meet his club teammate Griezman in the Semis.

To read the part two of the Quarter Final, click here.

World cup 2018 Round of 16 discussion pt. 1 - 4.6 out of 5 based on 21 votes
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Many have already started to call this World Cup the Best World Cup ever. Why??

Because it just never cease to amaze you. Everything unexpected is happening. Many times we have seen in the past that a team who are for example had great qualifying campaign, one of the top ten teams in the world, played very bad in their world cup game but gets the victory anyway just because they are the better team for all their fame and glory. But in this world cup, that doesn't seem to be the case. The team that's playing better in the field, is getting the win. No matter how low they are in the ranking. People are seeing something that's beyond their imagination in every single game. Just the kind of World cup you would wait 4 years for.

Let's get down to whats actually happening now. We are going to look into the drama and spectacular scenes world has witnessed in the first knockout phase of the tournament. First was the game of Argentina against France. The tournament favourites France against the team with the most supporters in the world. Griezman Vs. Messi. All eyes were on the magic the Argentine number 10 was going to display but the other number 10 was the one who displayed the magic. With fast pace that outmatched all the Argentine defense also the finishing of a world class striker, Killian Mbappe totally showed the world what he is made of. This 19 year old earned a penalty and later scored two fabulous goals to shatter the dreams of Messi Of winning the world cup.
Beating Argentina 4-3; France was waiting to know who their opponents will be on the quarterfinals. Which brings us to the next game where another best in the world was set to face the duo who are known as the most accomplished center forwards in the World. Cristiano Ronaldo against Luis Suarez and Edinson Cavani. Portugal against Uruguay.

In this Game, Cavani and Suarez very quickly showed why they are the best. With a goal that only needed one long pass over to Suarez from Cavani and a deadly accurate cross of Suarez over to the very capable head of Cavani. Goal worth remembering. The Portuguese striked on the second half to level the score through Pepe only to be trailed 2-1 after a classical finish by Cavani on the 70s. The Score remained 2-1 till the end. Which also brought an end of two of the greatest players career in the World Cup. The Great Cr7 and LM10 will probably never come to shake the grandest stage of them all and so ended their dreams to win the World Cup. They are out on the first day of the knockouts. Uruguay and France prevails on the first day.