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In the sports betting world, things can get very technical very quickly. When it comes to technical terms, many people outside of this world would not know what "per head" even means. So let us dive a little deeper into the meaning of this and explain what it has to do with BookieSoft.

Per Head

The term "Per Head" was initially a pricing method where bookies would understand easily what their bill would be each week or each month. For the software provider to keep things legal, it was imperative that they be completely seperated from the swings of daily wins or losses. In other words, the service provider needed to be sheilded from what was actually happening. The bookie would pay a fixed price no matter what happened with his wins or losses. This allowed the Software provider to seperate themselves from the volatility of the business, and provide a steady revenue.

Of course this is not the only business to operate in such a manner. One could say that doctors, lawyers, even the garbage collector gets paid regardless of how severe the illness, whether the case wins or loses, or how many bags of trash are collected. It is a fixed pice that protects the provider from the volatility of the customer. But for bookies, the term "Per Head" became the industry standard term that was recognized by all.

Now fast forward to today: Every industry develops and improves over time, and the bookie software industry is no different. What was per head yesterday, is now per week, per month, or even per client. In other words, bookie software providers now offer a host of different pricing models to meet the needs of the customer. The bookies are more savvy, informed, and have a lot more choices. So the provider had to adapt and offer more solutions. Now a bookie can choose to pay per head, or they can pay a weekly or monthly fee no matter how many players.

But the term "Per Head" stuck with the industry because it was already widely understood by all invloved. So just because a service claims to be a pay per head service, that does not mean they will only offer a per head price. They will most likely offer a host of different prices to meet the needs of today's bookies.

NFL Betting: Regular Season vs. Playoffs - 4.8 out of 5 based on 5 votes
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For sports betting purposes, there are some major differences between regular season NFL games, and playoff or superbowl games. The biggest single difference is the outcome of the game. During regular season, a game can end in a tie. During the playoffs or superbowl, the game cannot end in a tie, going into overtime until one team scores a touchdown (or a field goal that goes uncontested).
Ever since this rule was implemented very few games ending in a tie. Until the 2016 season it had been almost unheard of averaging less then one a year. But then in 2016 season 2 games ending in a tie just one week apart.
For betting purposes, ties make a difference especially in teasers, parlays, if-win, action-reverse and round-robins. Some sports books will treat a tie in teaser and parlays as a loss, thereby losing the entire wager. In an action-reverse, a tie will be considered "no action", thereby ending the wager. For if-win bets, a tie will result in a "no win", therefore ending the wagers.
Most sports bettors like betting on football because of the certainty of a definite outcome, win or lose. But ties tend to mess all that up for the per head bookie, at least during the regular season. Luckily we won't have to worry about that again until the 2017 season begins in september. If you do get a disgruntled bettor unhappy about a tie that he thinks he should have won (or lost), just give him a Bonus Bet.

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We have recently added bonus bets to the administrator control panel. Bonus bets are an easy way to give a user a free bet. This can be useful to lure new users, or to reward existing users who have experienced a recent loss, for example. To issue a bonus bet, simply go to manage users > edit user > and click the "Give bonus bet" button near the bottom. Once issued, bonus bets can only be used once, on straight spread/total bets only (no moneyline, parlays, teasers, etc.). A bonus bet will not affect a user's balance or available unless they win the bet, in which case their account will be credited the win amount of the bet. The bonus bet must be used in it's entirety at the time the wager is placed, it cannot be split up amoung multiple bets. Only one bonus bet can be issued to a user at one time. To void or change a bonus bet, simply issue a new bonus bet for that user (use 0 to void the bonus bet for that user).
Live Wagering Included in All Pay Per Head Accounts - 4.1 out of 5 based on 11 votes
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BookieSoft is pleased to include live betting for all out per head customer. We don't charge extra like the competition. We want our customers to have all the tools necessary to make a profit. So if you pay-per-head, have the $99 unlimited agent account or own your very own custom website, you will beenefit from our software.

Live means that the odds are updated instantly. You can bet on the next inning of a baseball game or bet on the entire game when there is only 10 minutes left for example. We feel the more beting options for pay per head customers the better.

live pay per head

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One of the best features of the BookieSoft platform is the ability for administrators to manage their own lines. This pay-per-head feature has always been available  on custom, white-label websites, but has recently been upgraded. 

Move The Lines

By going to Account > Manage Games > and selecting your sport/league, you will see a list of games in order of rotation number.

screen shot

To change the lines, just click the Edit button and enter a new line in place of the old one. This is will over-ride the automatic update. A small O/R will appear in red next to the game. You can always go back to receiving automatic updates by un-checking the box that says "over-ride auto updates?".

From this same window you can also change the game time, team names and even score games*.

Circle Games

By clicking on the team name you can circle a game. Circling a game will put a wager limit on that game and prevent parlay and teaser bets. A small red circle will appear next to the game when a game has been circled. Per head Adminstrators can set the maximum wager amount, and can "un-circle" a game if necessary.