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who to bet for today

[Bookiesoft- pay per head Original Content] When it comes to “Wh” questions in sportsbetting, there are a lot of questions that pop up. For example, who to bet for today, when to bet, why should you bet, what team do you bet etc. And you know what?

To gain succes, you must answer all of those questions by yourself to actually do the bet. Success rates jumps to 99% percent when you are well informed on your bets. If you are a believer in luck then its more likely that you are a believer of easy money. Luck isn’t your the most greatest of friend when it comes to earning money.

For example, it so happens commonly on NBA games that a player you bet on happens to be a player you like and after seeing a certain game few weeks ago, you saw he has the potential to get 20-30 points in a match. But before this bet you have missed seeing the last 3 games. And when you bet on that player on the match day of your bet, the player is either benched or in the subs, or maybe scoring good but the coach subs the player because he just has better option than him. Even if the player is Labron james or steven curry; not everyone can put their best everyday. At the end of the day the player you estimated to achieve 30 points ends up getting 10-16 points that day or sometimes not even catching the double digits.
The disappointment of losing money is big. And many sportsbetters out there sometimes become prone to the disappointments rather than being a little informed with hard work in being analytic.

Failure in sports performance doesn’t hit a player out of the blue. It comes gradually. The player that performed bad that day and got subbed by the coach shown some signs of him being a little down in his last games. The player that plays extraordianarily good at a game showed his signs or gradual good performence in few games before that. If you aren’t able to watch every game of the players or teams you bet on or the team, track them at least. Go to espn scoresheet or flashscore.com and watch the scores and have the analysis on your mind. So that you can be good and ready on the day you bet. And when you win, the amount is much bigger and more satisfying. & of course, don’t forget that this habit of being analytic will make you a much better sportsbetter.

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Sports Betting Per Head Psychology

Apart from it’s easy way of moneymaking and the risk it has to offer, sportsbetting has its lessons to teach.
The art of gambling gives you a taste of winning and turns you into a winner. Including the risk, the wins you get from gambling tastes way much sweeter and is more exciting than winning a local sports game or debate competition. Or getting a Date.

When money is involved, things become more serious than usual. For example:
Do you know why health experts advice you to go to a gym instead of excercising at home? Its because, in gym you are paying a monthly rate which is helping you to look good. You get two options. Either A) walk a mile and give your money some meaning or B) stay at home and let the gym have your money free of services. If you are determined to look better, you will definitely take option A. If you don’t, you might as well quit right now and try excercising at home. And home is where you get LAZY. Because you have so much options to laze around instead of working hard.

So, the bottom line is, you won’t look good unless you invest in your looks. The same goes in gambling too.

You won’t become a winner, if you don’t invest.

Gambling also teaches you to make decisions.

You won’t be serious about winning if you don’t have a limited amount of hardly earned money. For example: A millionaire guy who hits the casino IS THERE because he first of all, needs to showoff to people around him; and then second of all, win some money. He is not serious about winning it. He just came to have a drink, hook up with some girls and have a good time. But yes, Millionaires will definitely take his lessons from the loss to his business. Thats how he is a millionaire in the first place.

Anyway, on the other hand if you are not a rich guy hitting the casino, you will be serious as any other serious guy out there about winning. You will observe more and try more to win. The decision on when to put out your last resort is what gambling teahes you too. Also how much do you value your last resort. And you know what, any expert gamblers and sportbetters out there does this same thing. They never go bet/gamble thinking “pfff...its just some money for entertainment. No big deal.” NO.

They say that after they have played hard, and was serious about winning but still they lost. To calm down. And to come back next day improved and well learned from his loss. This is also one kind of decision making. Some decide to celebrate by drinking and sobbing all night you know. Which is BAD.

And yes, once you are an expert, you might not take gamblings as seriously as you have taken it in your first year, but you will develop a Cool Calm way of seriousness. That lets you calculate the odds on your favour, with no pressure in your head and make decisions faster and cleaner. In other Words You will develop an intelligence that is called
Risky Intelligence. An intellectual capacity which is prone to winning and good decision making. Its not over-confidence, but might become over-confidence depending on how you handle it. But for most parts, know that the expert gamblers are experts because their Risky intelligence is above average. Sportsbetting and gambling might be about luck, but its also about proper mind set up.

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5 Strategies to earn more money from sportsbetting - 4.7 out of 5 based on 33 votes
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strategies to earn with sports betting

Though many prefer gambling and betting as the easy profession to take on, and yes. It is easy. With 0% physical labour and a professional sector where you can be your own boss. But it might not be very profitable for your life and future plans. Reason is, with betting as a profession you will never be sure where you might spend your next night. Will it be in a nice cozy home or under clear sky. As an expert on this line I will advice you to bet as a side job. That way you will earn money and have plenty of options on whether you want to double it or not. But if you still insist, here are five ways you can earn more money in sportsbetting.

1. Bet sober: Even drinking a little may decrease your decision making skill by a large number. Also being drunk people often dream bigger than what reality can afford. This desire might play a big role on slaying your chances on becoming a good sportsbetter. One day of regret might even make you wanna give up on sportsbetting. So I advice you bet with a clear state of mind of what you want and who you are betting on. If you take a bad beat not listening to my advice, take a little time off and come back again.

2. Bankroll management: Always make up a guideline on how much you are going to spend on sportsbetting. Depending on your Bank account, you are free to guideline your own. And of course, don’t let the greed get to you and bet with your common sense intact. An amount of 1-7% of your monthly pay or expenses would suffice very well.

3. Analyze your chances: Always analyze the players or teams and their performances till date before betting. Do your homework. The key to business success is your knowledge about the business. And this knowledge contains a lot of small chapters that overall make up the book. The heavier the book the more success you will come across. Its more like becoming mature about betting and not bet on hunches.

4. Line shopping: Always have multiple bets in your option. Amongst those find the ones with the best odds. Then Place your bet. It is one of the most basic in this line which requires some serious decision making skills.

5. Learn: I know sometimes even after all these preparations, you will still not win. But taking preparation will at least decrease the times you lose. That is the profit you will get no matter how much you know. It is based on luck after all. My advice to you is learn more and more about sportsbetting, pay per head system in you time with sportsbetting nad reach an higher rank in this business from being only a sportsbetter.

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Why You Should sportsbet in 2018 - 4.6 out of 5 based on 34 votes
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Why you should sportsbet

Life is a gamble. In it's own way. You get a little bit of the happiness you are looking for, and u keep wanting it back again and again. That's where you start to fail. Again and again. Doesn't it sound a little similar to your betting career? The art of gambling resides in making the gambler come back for more. But no. Not all are proficient in this art. Even the gambling officials get hit by some good gamblers sometimes. But, yes. The victim ratio is definitely heavier on the gamblers. Now this is a theory, maybe you probably know, but all gambling house always invest at first. So that they could make some interested gamblers into full fleshed gamblers. If you know what I mean. If you don't. What I'm trying to say is, gambling houses always let you win first. So that you feel lucky, they make you feel the easy earning. On top of that reward your luck with a whole lotta cash. So that you come back and JUST when you are wagering it all with your enormous amount of self esteem, hit you with sad truth of reality. Some become homeless, some become houseful. You know, reality has its good sides too, right?

Although that is not all there is in the gambling world. It's much more psychological, exhilarating and thrilling. Its one hell of an adventure with lots on the line. This is mostly what happens in the gambling houses of los Angeles. You can either take part and have an adventure or you could go on sports betting. A much simpler and also a kind of gambling which is as fun as sports. Not an adventure but at least its not a hassle.

With easy and user friendly softwares like pay per head which is provided by companies like Bookiesoft, bet365, pps and many other; sports betting has become the most comfortable NO LABOUR way of earning money. With no politics, no trickery involved as the game results can not be manipulated like in traditional gambling, you can earn money without even breaking a sweat; meanwhile you stay siting in your house learning how to make pancake.

With a very limited amount of money you can start to win big. Very easy, you have to predict the final result of the game you are watching. Also, various little things that happens in a game, predict those and earn too. Simple. Here You get to have an adventure with your own favourite sports team. Check it out.

P:S: Readers who already know what sportsbet is, this article is not for you. Oh!!

should have said that at the beginning.


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5 Mistakes Sports Betters Make - 4.7 out of 5 based on 34 votes
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Five Mistakes

If you are reading this article, you are most probably someone who wants to become good in gambling or someone who is thinking seriously about it. With that in mind, as an individual thinking of taking pay per head sports betting and gambling professionally, your days and months will definitely not follow a very clean straight line. You will experience multiple mornings when you wake up and regret on something you did last night; whether it is in a casino or in any sector of your betting career. Which yes of course, costs you a fortune of money which you could have used in better place. But as someone writing a sports betting tips article; I will not recommend you give up Betting. I am here to help you pin point some mistakes you probably don’t notice making while you bet.

  1. Bet on sports you are very familiar with: Betting business is very influencing. The wins and the odds often makes you want to taste the feeling you are seeing an acquaintance of yours is enjoying. This often makes betters bet on something they are completely clueless about. For example, who will score the first basket on a basketball game might look like a very easy bet to make but it is a wrong choice for a football fanatic to bet on. You might win the first one but you may lose the next ten. Be careful about that.

  2. Keep your head clean while betting: There are reasons why it is not okay to drink or smoke in an office atmosphere. Because, an uncool head is the start of some very uncool accidents and results. Often while drinking and gambling, your head sends you the wrong signals seeing a wrong route of success which when you get over your drunkenness; will find it utterly idiotic. Keep your head clean, win bets and celebrate in the off hour with pocket full of money is my advice to you.

  1. Don’t give onto your greed: Often betters get greedy after losing some cash and wanting them back immediately. Yes, some people see success on this method but that doesn’t necessarily mean you will too. If you lose at least lose not being greedy, you will learn something from it. Losing with greed will only cause regrets.


  1. Quantity over quality: As a beginner sports better with not much experience in betting, you will only be toyed around by the experts. Betting big right off the bat might not bring good result. Bet small win small, but make the factor of winning natural by learning through multiple bets. When you know how to win, make bigger stakes and you will start to see your dream much closer than it is now.


  1. Pick good place to bet: For example a trusted company with dependable pay per head service. Bookiesoft is a good place for both beginners and pros as they have categories of betting in their system. Bet365, pay per head etc. are also famous names but those do not have the category service favorable for the beginners. Go check‘em out. You never know, the company that you are trusting with your money may not be your greatest choice after all.

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