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Legal or illegal

Of course it is, illegal. Because gambling is an illegal way of earning money and also because gambling is preferred as a sin in religion. But still, looking at the world; just some notation about what’s legal and illegal has never been able to stop people from doing bad or inspired people to do more good. That is how the world works. You survive. And if your step is to survive by doing something illegal, you should do it pretty smoothly.


Good news is, Sports betting isn’t as illegal as it was 5-10 years ago. You see commercials all over television these days. So, feel free to do sportsbetting with pay per head service.



The only thing you have to look out for in doing so is not getting caught with getting customers form outside your permitted area. Of course, if you snatch customers from others territory, they are bound to get furious. You would get furious if you see someone else doing it, if you are a bookie. So make sure as a bookie, you find the right person to get pay per head service. Who will provide you the right information and the right papers to deal with


Our Pay per head service includes service of an office like workers ready every minute of the day to deal with the customers. We are a company who deals with all our tasks professionally and accurately. Just visit our website and talk to one of our agents, you’ll then know exactly what I mean.


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Bookie Soft

Why pay per head is the best for sports betting - 4.8 out of 5 based on 27 votes
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Pay per head sports bettingAs a bookie starting up a new sports book you might hear and read the challenges it has to offer you in upcoming days ahead. Gathering customers and fulfilling each and every one of their request might demotivate you in midways.

Your friends and business partners might come out with new ideas to progress but no ways will be very satisfying to you. Not to mention you'll need to go through quite the labor. For situation like this, pay per head software is your the most effective way out of this. Pay per head software provider enables you with professional encyclopedic help which will provide you not only a big helping hand and reduce your labor but also directions on how to become a big shot in the business.

Pay per head software provider companies usually deal with sports betting 24x7 providing you an account of your bets, wagers, profits etc. Also, the identification of the players are fluently recorded.

You will get all the necessary you need to face the challenges of sports betting world. And among thousands of pay per head companies out there, there is no other company as determined and passionate in sports betting than

With our assistance, all you will be doing is get your profits and a paper of your accounts at the time you need it. Of course any other things you need relating to the work is also available. To become big, you need to put your trust on dependable hands. Why not visit our website and after talking to our agents, see if pay per head service can be that dependable hand of yours for the challenges ahead.

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Sports Betting Strategies – Parlay Betting Strategy - 4.5 out of 5 based on 25 votes
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Parlay Betting Startegies

Check Bookiesoft and find the best betting site.

A parlay is simply a combo bet where, rather than betting several teams individually, you group them into a single wager.

The beauty of Parlay Betting is that it offers you a possible hedge. In other words, you don’t have to hit a 4-team parlay to be paid 5-1

Parlay Odds

The standard payoff from an online sportsbook for a two team parlay is 2.6 to 1. The true odds of this bet are 3 to 1.

Three team parlays pay 6 to 1 by the sportsbooks and have true odds of 7 to 1. The true odds represent the expected outcome if each bet in a parlay is a 50/50 proposition, and does not factor in the oddsmaker’s commission.

Example of a three team parlay:

Pittsburgh Steelers -3 -110
New Orleans Saints +4 -110
Saint Louis Rams +10 -110

For this example. All wagers must win for the bet to be graded as a winner, and if any of the three wagers lose, the bet is a loss.

If we risked $100 at +600 (6 to 1), and our bet won we would win exactly 595.79, which we can round up to 596. Though our wager is +600, we still have to pay juice on each of three bets, which accounts for the bookmaker’s commission.

If one our bets should push, the parlay would become a two-team parlay, and if two bets push, it would become a straight wager. This is a general rule for parlay betting, as pushing a bet in a parlay lowers the parlay odds by one game.

Most sports books payout on parlays are (assuming all games are at line of -110):


The parlay odds at most Las Vegas sportsbooks are:

2 teams 2.6 to 1
3 teams 6-1
4 teams 10-1
5 teams 20-1
6 teams 40-1
7 teams 80-1
8 teams 150-1

If you are playing multiple parlays you have to spread them out and mix and match. It means if you lose a 4-team parlay because the game you were least sure of you need to hone those skills to stay away from those traps. And by including the lowest team in too many plays can wipe you out quicker than a roll of the dice, on the flip side the payout on a 3-team play with a good $ line dog can provide a big lift to your bankroll and that’s why players love the parlay itself.

If you are an avid parlay bettor, it is essential to find a book with the best parlay odds. In a lot of cases, odds may vary slightly from book to book, and while this difference may seem trivial, it makes an immense difference to your bottom line. Finding the best odds for parlay betting is crucial and will make a significant difference in your bankroll. Be sure to compare parlay odds from leading bookmakers, if parlays are a prominent part of your betting repertoire. Taking advantage of promotions and bonuses is also hugely beneficial.

Parlays are can be solid bets if used effectively.

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Per Head Reviews | Bookie Soft - 4.6 out of 5 based on 30 votes
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pay per head image

What does Per Head, or PPH, mean? How does it work? The answer is very simple. Pay per head offers bookies a complete solution for their players and charge them per head, or per person.

This allows bookies to focus on gaining new players and taking care of their existing players. Bookies no longer have to spend time answering phone calls and writing bets down on a post-it pad. Most per head providers are online internet websites but some also offer call centers to allow wagering by phone.

These services offer bookies a professional platform to keep track of their players' bets and wagering activities. By charging per head, the bookie never looses money and does not have to worry about seasonal fluctuations. If fewer players are wagering, the bookie pays less.

A new entry to the industry is BookieSoft, who offer unlimited service regardless of how many players. This solutions is becoming more popular especially among larger bookie operators.

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Offline Sports Betting VS Online Sports Betting - 4.8 out of 5 based on 29 votes
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Online sports betting offline

There are some people who would watch a game of football going to the arena, sit with thousands of people, shouting and jumping along with everyone putting their blood and sweat on cheering for the favorite team while their team puts their efforts on the pitch.

There are also others who would rather watch it at home in peace and quiet atmosphere, with good food and drinks along; in front of a good resolution TV set.

And there are others, who would rather watch anything but the football game; Or maybe anything but sports. We leave them to the non-football fans category for this article’s sake.

Except the third category people I talked about above, all of the sports fans can bet on sports betting websites all around the world. Nothing like watching your favorite team play while at the same time earning some good cash right? In this article, I’m going to be discussing about some guidelines on how these people can bet from their respected situation.


Offline Sports Betting

Over my time placing bets at the TAB agencies all over Sydney I’ve made a mental note of the good and the bad. Here are some of the points that stick out for me.


The good


I have quite a few friends at the TAB. I’m always up for a good conversation and laugh. I usually find one at the TAB

There is a lot of excitement in winning at the TAB. The energy that the room lets off is amazing!

The set up of the agency is effective and well thought-out. The monitors, the paper forms, the data, the cashier is all in the right place

Now the most important good point is that there are vending machines with all my favorites sweets not more than 5 steps away

The Bad


The odds are just not as good offline. At times online betting agencies completely blow the TAB out of the water

I love to travel, but I find it an inconvenience driving down to the TAB when I know I can bet in minutes with my Computer

My brain switches on sometime around mid-afternoon and is usually in the highest gear at about late evening. This is when I like to place the majority of my bets

I like to study my results carefully. I can’t do this at the TAB


Online Sports Betting

I hold accounts with many different online sports betting agencies. In a later post I’ll detail the reason why it’s a good idea to have many accounts.


The Good


There’s (much) better odds online. Never place a bet without shopping around. The differences among agencies can at times be great

I can take my time to study my logic and the result. I usually have a notebook that I use to scribble down notes. I usually write a short sentence for my thought process behind the bet and the outcome

Betting at any time of the day is a major benefit for me. I like the option to sit down with my laptop late at night and place my bets

There is so much more choice for betting. I like to bet across many different sports and events

The Bad


Like most things on the Internet, it’s a lonely business

That thrill and excitement of winning is just not as pronounce at home. There’s much more energy at the TAB

It’s a shameful one to add, but there is no vending machine at home. I need to get myself one of those quick smart! (I’m checking Ebay after I finish writing this)

Your Choice, I know which one I’ll take

Even though I tried to outline the good and the bad in both categories I can clearly say that I prefer online sports betting. The better odds and private time to study the results, are the reasons that keep me indoors rather than heading out to the TAB.


What’s your preferred way?


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