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For some people it is considered that having multiple accounts is a crime. And most people actually do this crime for your information. If you aren’t doing it then that’s news for you.


While most betting agencies instruct you to have one account the reason behind this is that it ensures your 100% bet on one strike. This is very profitable for the agencies if I have to say.  But, as a sportsbetter, you need to keep yourself on the profit list and not the agency. So, in this article I’ll be describing few very good reasons to have multiple sportsbetting account.

        Promotions – Both bookmakers and betting exchanges (but mostly bookmakers) offer really attractive promotions throughout the year.These promotions are so attractive and inviting that they heavily turn the odds to your favour. From a retailing store point of view, this is like selling a product under cost to get you in the door. They expect that when they have you in the door, you’ll make other non-promotional bets, and to stick around a lot longer to place more bets. This is their time to impress you – let them do so I say.Taking advantage of these promotions while showing discipline should work out nicely in your favor.


         Check odds – When there are no promotions on with any betting agency, who do you use to place your bets with? Well the second best way is through getting the best odds.So before you make your bets, log into all your accounts, check the odds, find out who has the best value and put your money there.



         Winning streak? – Betting agencies don’t want to winning all the time. It’s just not nice for them.Some agencies have clauses in their terms and conditions that allow them to charge you a small fee if you win consistently.So put your pride to one side and either take a few losses every now and then, or diversify your winnings between agencies.If you have this type of problem success of constantly winning, I’d love to hear from you!


         Websites crash – Look I have never had a betting website crash on me before. I think their servers and redundancy plans will almost always prevent this from happening.However it might happen. You just never know. I have seen some BIG websites go down in the past, so as much as I am confident, I’m also realistic.This really can make a big difference on betting exchanges, or in situations when you are using arbitrage.



         History – Building up history with sports betting agencies is nice. But it doesn’t come with massive rewards.If your idea is to only use one agency in the hope that spending a lot of money there will ensure you some special privileges, unfortunately that’s not happening anytime soon.It is true that there are some incentives, but it’s not as good as the normal promotions that they release.

If you like this article and feel motivated to have more accounts, just visit our website by clicking the links below. We have the most profitable strategies you could use for your successful betting career.

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How To Bet On Sports - NBA Betting - 4.9 out of 5 based on 25 votes
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The National Basketball Association isn't football when it comes to betting, but it has enough star power that it is rapidly rising in the online sportsbooks. From the day-to-day games, to the All-Star weekend to the playoffs, the NBA is arguably the second most popular North American sport. If you're just getting into the betting side of things, here is a look at four ways to bet on the NBA.

NBA Moneylines

Money line betting is the best way for players to get used to wagering, and here, you're only betting on who you want to win the game, no more, no less. Let's take the example of Golden State and Cleveland, with the Warriors being favored at -175 at home. This means that you would bet $175 to win $100 on the Warriors as you have to pay more to win on the favorite. Then you have the underdog from Cleveland, and you might see +140 for the Cavaliers. This means you have to bet $100 to win $140 on them. The favorite will always be shown with a negative sign and the underdog, a positive sign, so keep an eye on which is which as you're lining up to make your bet on the NBA.

NBA Spreads

The signs mean the same thing you're dealing with spread betting, which is when you're wagering on a team winning by a certain amount of points. Using the teams in the above example, let's say that Golden State is favored at -5.5. This means they would have to win the game by more than 5.5 points in order to cover their end of the wager; you'll see a half-point attached to the odds a lot of times. This is because the sportsbooks want to avoid a push, which is when there is a tie (for example, the line is -5 and it lands on that number). Your money would be returned in that case. The Cavaliers would then be +5.5, which means they would cover if they lost by less than 5.5 points, or if they were to win outright.

NBA Totals

Then you have Over Under betting, which is when you're wagering on the total amount of points that will be scored in the game. For the Warriors and Cavaliers, it might turn out that the total is set for 201.5 points (again, adding a half-point to avoid the push) and you are betting on whether the actual total will come in under the total, or over it. This is why you'll also hear this called the over/under bet and if you do your research in regards to who is playing, you can make some good money on totals betting.

NBA Teasers

Teaser bet is another way for you to bet on basketball as they allow you to shift the point spread in your favor. That can be done for either sides or totals. In this case, you’re getting the option shift the lines by a set amount of points but you have to play a parlay of two games or more. There are pros and cons to this strategy, but check out our in-depth look at teasers for more information.

NBA Futures

Futures betting is when you're wagering on something that will happen in the future, but not the immediate future, like today's game. This is when you're betting on who the NBA champions will be, or who the NBA MVP will be. You can get those odds before the season starts, which means you can get some good lines for teams or players that the sportsbooks might not think highly of, but you think you know something they don't.


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What is Per Head software service? - 4.7 out of 5 based on 23 votes
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Pay per head is an online service that enables a bookie to get very essential help in their bookmaking career. It is operated in a per head rules as the bookie has to pay a fixed and contracted fee for every players in their domain. When the bookie and the pay per head software providing company comes to an understanding, all the bookie needs to do is to wait and collect all his payments and earnings while the service provider takes care of all their internal work. 

For example: the records of the players, an account of the wagers, the monthly profits and losses etc etc. The service will keep record of every players without any errors. They will handle issues of every players individually, I mean, this is what the term “per head” refers to after all. You can expect exclusive care for your players with the “per head” system, if nothing else. It is by far the most successful online betting service ever to have been introduced as the success rate with this service is pretty much above 90%. 

Then why is there still so much unsuccessful bookies out there you ask? 

Well, the rest 10% is just struggling with some issues to be successful. Or maybe they are not being able to fully co-operate with per head strategies. If fully co-operated, per head service is the ultimate weapon towards a successful bookie career. Visit some sportsbetting website to gain full information and try to figure out how. Tal to some agents’ maybe, that will be much helpful.

And oh, while you are at it why not pay a visit to It’s the best per head providers around. 

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A step by step tutorial to Sports betting SUCCESS! - 4.9 out of 5 based on 18 votes
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Sometimes the reason for your miserable state may not be because of the people you are cursing from within your heart, or it may not be the world which you are thinking is conspiring against you. If you are not winning bets in your sport betting life, is it really because you just have a bad luck? If you conclude it like that, it will stay like that forever. So, what you need to do to change your situation is to change your strategy in sports betting.


Let me ask you a question, how much do you know about the sports you are betting on? Did you ever think how it would be if you have the same knowledge about the sports like one of your favorite player?


No, you can’t be a player like your favorite player with sheer knowledge itself. But, think how much difference you can make in your sports betting career if you are well informed. Yes, Ignorance about the topic you are thinking about cause you failure is what I’m trying to say from the beginning of this article.


It is a fact in the sports betting world that, the well informed ones are the ones who experience success in this world of sports betting. Because they know which player of which team will play like how at which place. It is huge benefactor, believe me. Also, experts refer that, concentrating all your efforts on one particular sport is a serious game changer for sports betters. Let me tell you few step ups on this so you can experience the game changer yourself. Think it as a step by step tutorial to SUCCESS.


• Using RSS Feeds of Websites relevant to your sport


• Signing up to newsletters to the websites you frequent as they often have information that’s not published on their site communicated through their newsletter


• Google Alerts to track specific keywords sent to your email, or delivered to your RSS software – such as Google Reader

• Sports betting tip agencies to get an understanding of how the experts are evaluating the event


• Frequently visiting websites that have experts for the sport event – such as the BBC


• By Keeping a spreadsheet with the performance of your team – A grueling task, but one that could help you further your understanding of the game and certain statistics that are vital


• Using Google, and/or other Search Engines


• Magazines and other printed sources – a slow way to gather data, but this is one that I like because it’s organized and easy to read (Instead of a tutorial here I’ll create a future post that breaks down magazines into sporting categories)


If you know how to use the above sources than go right ahead and get into it. If you already use these or other techniques, please let us know on


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What is so Great about white label Sports betting? - 4.8 out of 5 based on 21 votes
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Starting a betting website as a bookie on the vast betting world, the website will look as little as a little ant in a big hall room; and also, it will look like a personal business too. Which also means facing the ups and downs of the road ahead all by yourself.

A white label solution or product is created by a company with the purpose to find another entity that can sell or lease the product and which can brand it under its own name or label.


White label sports betting can be a great answer for you to make it to the pros’ in the bookmaking world in ease. A white label sport betting is created so that bookie can work two sides at once.


White label sports betting enables the bookie to leave aside the business and check out the sports booking world and see what rules and regulations that need to be followed and what specifications are needed to be provided. Because, the world of sports betting has multiple betting regulations a bookie needs to follow very accordingly.


Bookie gathers the Intel as the white label allows the internet to seek a label that can fill the empty label space. Sports betting under white label helps to fill the increasing requirements of the betting society and also prevents the slow developing process of the company.