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This is an article written so that you can open a sportsbetting account on online even by being totally oblivious to the matter. If you are interested in opening one, then this article will help you open one and also walk you through the facts you need to keep in your mind when opening one.


First thing you need to be concern of is, opening a sportsbetting will need you to put your credit card details for the registering process and that is not the most friendly thing for people to just go out of their ways and do. But, you may know already that, this is a time of the internet and billions of dollars are being cashed in and out all over the world every day.


Who should I prefer opening up an account with?


Trusting with your credit cards is not the smart way to deal with internet and sportsbetting websites of course but there are people who do trust internet for this. And many are doing well by doing so too. Also, some sportbetting websites have taken necessary measures to handle this situation for safe transactions. But, there are sportsbetting websites all over the internet with promises like this. , but by following the points below, you should be safe from those betting agencies that are questionable to say the least!


· Word of mouth – one of the best ways to pick your agency is based on who your friends have sign up with, if they’ve had a good experience with the betting agency then it’s most likely a safe bet you will as well

· Advertising – over the last few years there have been TV commercials of some betting agencies. These are reputable companies

· Our recommendations – the betting agencies reviewed by us are the most trusted nation-wide, and around the world

It’s in their interest to make it easy for you to register, so you’ll notice that this process is quite easy. Although if you come across a sign up process that’s a little too complicated, let us know in the comments section.

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The Benefits of Pay Per Head

Pay per head is an online service that enables a bookie to get very essential help in their bookmaking career. It is operated in a per head rules as the bookie has to pay a fixed and contracted fee for every players in their domain.

When the bookie and the pay per head software providing company comes to an understanding, all the bookie needs to do is to wait and collect all his payments and earnings while the service provider takes care of all their internal work. For example: the records of the players, an account of the wagers, the monthly profits and losses etc etc. The service will keep record of every players without any errors.

They will handle issues of every players individually, I mean, this is what the term “per head” refers to after all. You can expect exclusive care for your players with the “per head” system, if nothing else. It is by far the most successful online betting service ever to have been introduced as the success rate with this service is pretty much above 90%.

Then why is there still so much unsuccessful bookies out there you ask?

Well, the rest 10% is just struggling with some issues to be successful. Or maybe they are not being able to fully co-operate with per head strategies. If fully co-operated, per head service is the ultimate weapon towards a successful bookie career. Visit some sportsbetting website to gain full information and try to figure out how. Tal to some agents’ maybe, that will be much helpful.

And oh, while you are at it why not pay a visit to It’s the best per head providers around.

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The best way to succeed is to follow other’s footsteps. Even the footsteps that led to failures too. The advantage you get here is that, you will not have to experience the failure he/she had. You will get to know the steps and make a strategy so that the same don’t happen to you. Get it?

A mentor is not synonymous to the teacher. Teachers teach you from textbooks while mentors teach you from life. A sportsbetting mentor is not the most easiest people to find as gambling refers to all for themselves. People in sportsbetting often keeps their lessons and teachings to themselves. But if you run into one, you are a lucky guy and sportsbetting is a lucky game. understand the math now?

I had mentors too. Not in this particular sportsbetting business but in other stuff. But, mentors may vary but the lesson follows the same principle. I don’t know if I’m very good of a mentor for you to describe how a mentor is like but I’ll give it a try.

I could start the definition by a quote I heard form I don’t know where “haha”:

“ Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day. Teach a man to fish and he will eat for a lifetime. “


Taking this quote in mind, a mentors role is to teach you:

How to research the sport in an expert way both on the Internet and offline through other forms

What the key figures to look for are when performing your research

Managing your money for long term positive investing

How to effective use multiple sports betting agencies

How to stay focused and motivated

There is a skill set required to be an effective mentor. At the top of the list is to have excellent communication skills, counselling skills, leadership skills, implement a range of learning techniques and to be patient.

Ultimately the expert has to to be willing to become a mentor. If it is forced or if it’s viewed as a chore then the mentor will not be at his best. Frustration, anger and resentment will soon follow if this is the case.

Don’t worry about that last paragraph all too much. If a mentor has decided to take you under his wings, it’s more than likely they have accepted and he’ll accomodate being as effective as he can be.

Does all this talk about mentors make you want to go and get one? Unfortunately mentors can’t be purchased in any of the thousands of shops in Westfields. Luckily there are a few places where they hang out.

  • Sports Betting Forums – This is the best place to find a mentor. Forums are a great place to come across people who are really passionate about a topic. There are heaps of people in these forums though, so it’s best to spend time checking out and separating the experts from the not-so-expert punters

  • TAB Retail Outlets – You can find mentors/experts in TAB outlets – although you are in a place with a lot less people than a forum. It’s like fishing in the ocean(forum) versus fishing in a small little pond(TAB Outlet). You may still catch something, but the quality, the time it’ll take and the experience of the expert many not be as good

  • News Articles – Check out your daily newspaper for sports betting articles. Occasionally when the topic gets mentioned you may have a reporter who calls upon an expert. Once you have the experts name, try a Google search to find ways to connect with the person – through social networks is the best way

  • Blogs – Like the one you’re reading now. The best way to find experts on a blog is through the comments section of posts. If people are open to comunicate they’ll leave an email and/or a URL.

Ok I have found an expert who makes 6 figures a week on sports betting! … now what? Buy them lunch! Buy them a coffee – Be nice to the person. I think it’ll be rude if you were to approach an expert and straight out ask them to teach you. Don’t do that.

Instead, if you find a mentor through a forum, contribute to the threads they’ve started, or reply to a thread they’re in. Add them to Twitter, or add them on Facebook and ask politely that you want to get to know them because you have similar interests!

You’re not there to deceive your new mentor friend, so make sports betting the main topic of discussion. You have to show that you’re really enthusiastic about sports betting and that you’re willing and very eager to learn as much as you can.

If you find the person on a blog or through a news article, try to Google their name – so that you can add the person to Twitter and/or Facebook. The key here is to form a communication channel with the person.


If you would rather try your luck in a little pond (TAB outlet) and if this is more your thing, then it’s just a matter of having good people skills. Become close to the person, find out their name, find out how often and when they make it to the TAB and get their contact number. From here it’s your job to become a good friend to the person.

Eventually you want to ask the question. Once you become good friends you want to ask them to mentor you. You should let them know that you admire their success and that you believe they would be a great mentor.


One of the most important things to this is that you must be willing to become a student. Become a sponge, take in all you can but also give the mentor some space – you don’t always want to be looking over his shoulder. This will just make the experience uncomfortable for him.


If you end up finding a mentor, let me know about your experience in the comments section below. Have you ever mentored someone in the past – and do you want to share the story? Let me know and we’ll make a blog post out of it.


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The term per head refers to a set of measures taken towards each and every person of a large number of people. And per head software means a software who takes those measures. An automated system generally used in the world of sports betting, Price per head software is the tool bookies use to deal with per head sports betting of their price per head service. Sports betting is a huge world and the amount of people in this world is not very much less than the population of china.

Guess you now have a general idea of how many phone calls, service providing and tracking I am talking about. Even with a lot of human behind managing it; this work isn’t enough to deal with it correctly unless, you have some technological help. Per head software is exactly what bookies go for when faced with such situations.

In, we give you the best per head software service money can buy. With a very affordable rate, you get the service each and every one of the players get in our website which is in one word ‘satisfying’.

We care about your money, we can understand how much of your blood and sweat end results to this money. We can understand how much of your dreams and ambition are all over it. And that is why we provide a very trusty service so that you keep earning and we keep getting you back as our client.

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Two scandals have been uncovered in recent times with very little time space in between. Both made it in national news as both were major events in cricket history. First incident was regarding the NRL and then soon after that was Cricket.

This made fans and punters very rightfully furious as the reasons are:


• They lose trust in certain players

• Fans lose passion for their teams

• They will have thoughts that future games could be set up

• Punters’ analysis of the expected results do not match up with the unlikely results when games are set up as a result they lose money.

• Also, team members will not have complete trust in their team mates

Let us get in depth to these scandals by pointing out the main points:


NRL Betting Scandal

Bulldogs forward Ryan Tandy is being investigated over a betting plunge on a penalty goal being the first points scored in a game against North Queensland. Tandy was penalised in front of goal in the second minute of the match. The Cowboys opted for a quick tap and scored a try, so the plunge never paid off. Tandy has denied any wrongdoing.


Since this news players and coaches have said that betting on Rugby League should be limited to picking a winner, loser or draw. The Exotic options betting, as as on the way the first points are scored is too easy to manipulate.


Cricket Betting Scandal

The News of the World, a British tabloid said it paid more than $200,000 to Pakistani cricket players for a certain result. The newspaper’s account, with an accompanying video, alleged that the two star bowlers, Mohammed Amir and Mohammed Asif, were paid to deliver No Balls at the exact points in the match as agreed upon with the fixer.

This is called “spot fixing” or “micro fixing.” It’s inside information on when players agree to act in a predetermined manner, usually at a particular time, to influence betting. While “spot fixing” often does not affect a game’s outcome, it can still earn millions for syndicates setting odds on specific details of the game or the players.


They were caught

Fortunately both betting scandals were caught out and the media quickly jumped onto both of them. The more attention events like this is brought out in public, the higher the odds that things like this will be harder to do.


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