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Pay per head is an online based software for sports betting which is provided by a company that provides services for sports booking.

A bookie seeks assistance in the online world and pay per head is the solution that best suits to this interest when it comes to sports betting. Pay per head service as the name suggests, is a service that enables a management system for each and every players of his sports book.

This allows the bookie to make an office like manpower set to work for the sake of each and every player. Pay per head service includes a calculation on accounts, records of all activities and also a number of call center agents on duty 24x7. It’s like owning a whole office without spending for it.

The best part is it that all the people working behind this service are all professional sports betting specialists with multiple years of experience. Perfect people to work with if you want to be big in this business. It is considered the most successful and operative online service for the sports betting world for its efficiency.

Apparently, we are the pay per head software provider company you must be looking for to work for your sports book. From our years of experience in this service, we have developed multiple schemes on how to use the pay per head service to become successful in the sports betting world. One of the schemes we developed is called "pay less and play more" scheme. For more information, Please talk to our agents.

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It is not a very hard task to find a pay per head for sports betting on the internet. Just typing the words “pay per” only will bring forward thousands of pay per head service providers to you. But, finding the right person for the task is the hard task.


Sports betting is not the most legal thing to do out there but it certainly ain’t the worst. However, professional sports betting specialists are very crafty in their way of doing things. I prefer step forward with caution when trying to find a pay per head software providers out on the internet.


You never know who you may end up dealing with and instead of earning money, you end up losing a lot. Of course, its not like your money will go totally uselessly. Pay per head providers have their own things to worry about so they will do your job. But how will they do it might concern you.


According to some experienced opinion and some testimonials there are some companies out there who provide a very trustworthy business relationship for bookies., pay per head hosts, paytm etc are few of the big names in the business.


When trying to find best pay per head for sportsbetting, always remember to have your homework done. By homework I mean, If you are truly determined to do it or not. Your determination will lead you to the right people and hopefully, the right company.

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It was not so long ago that Bookiesoft was primarily a PC internet service. Players would sit at their desk, login to the internet, and select their favorite teams and place an amount. Back then this was considered a huge progress over telephone wagering. But the times have changed.

Today, most of our pay-per-head users reach for their phones when they want to bet on their favorite sports team. With the ease-of-use and reliability of our interface, this has resulted in more action from the same users.

mobile per head

Now when our customers are watching the game, they can bet on live, halftime, propositions, which makes the game much more exciting. Bringing this interaction to pay-per-head websites has revolutionized the sports bookie business.

We look forward to new advances in technology make sports games more exciting, and bring more revenues for the bookie.

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If you own a bakery, It’s clever to offer many different types of breads instead of a same old traditional bread of your bakery. You must swallow up that traditional thought to reach success. The smart thing about this is variations attract people and also gets the notice of a big margin of people. Therefore you get a lot customer to give it a shot and if your product is good, eventually a lot will leave but also a lot will stay with your product.

To be a better bakery, you must offer other items than bread which the market likes, such as pastries, chicken, pork rolls, sweet sand, (yum!)

In a philosophical perspective, online sports betting is much like the bakery. The more sports you offer that people can bet on, the more people will come to check it out.

A sports-bettor might have started with just horse racing and boxing, but soon sees that there is another hungry market that’s craving for their attention. Bringing up this hungry market in front of them is what you need to do as a bookie.

What we see today is an impressive choice of things to bet on. It’s twice as impressive to mention that it was only just a few years ago when there was nowhere near the choices we have today. The benefits of having this large choice is:

· More punters in the market is a good thing for individuals

· You can find your niche sport to bet on

· You can place a bet on almost every sport(and reality show) you see on TV

No doubt betting agencies know all the benefits to offering a variety of choice. As time goes on, you’ll see more and more things to bet on. Hey I’m curious, what do you like to bet on – let me know below?


The big list of sports you can bet on


I have put together a list of sports that are on offer at most betting agencies. The list below is a combination of what you’ll find at two specific places. Bookiesoft and TAB Sportsbet


· American Football

· Australian Rules

· Baseball

· Basketball

· Boxing

· Cricket

· Cross Sports Accumulators

· Darts

· Fishing

· Gaelic Games

· Golf

· Greyhound Racing

· House Racing

· Ice Hockey

· Mixed Martial Arts

· Motor Sports

· Netball

· Rugby League

· Rugby Union

· Soccer

· Swimming

· Tennis

· Volleyball


I’ll mention again that this list is from and TAB Sportsbet. It is possible that other betting agencies will not have as many choices for you, or they might even have more to choose from.

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In the sports betting world, things can get very technical very quickly. When it comes to technical terms, many people outside of this world would not know what "per head" even means. So let us dive a little deeper into the meaning of this and explain what it has to do with BookieSoft.

Per Head

The term "Per Head" was initially a pricing method where bookies would understand easily what their bill would be each week or each month. For the software provider to keep things legal, it was imperative that they be completely seperated from the swings of daily wins or losses. In other words, the service provider needed to be sheilded from what was actually happening. The bookie would pay a fixed price no matter what happened with his wins or losses. This allowed the Software provider to seperate themselves from the volatility of the business, and provide a steady revenue.

Of course this is not the only business to operate in such a manner. One could say that doctors, lawyers, even the garbage collector gets paid regardless of how severe the illness, whether the case wins or loses, or how many bags of trash are collected. It is a fixed pice that protects the provider from the volatility of the customer. But for bookies, the term "Per Head" became the industry standard term that was recognized by all.

Now fast forward to today: Every industry develops and improves over time, and the bookie software industry is no different. What was per head yesterday, is now per week, per month, or even per client. In other words, bookie software providers now offer a host of different pricing models to meet the needs of the customer. The bookies are more savvy, informed, and have a lot more choices. So the provider had to adapt and offer more solutions. Now a bookie can choose to pay per head, or they can pay a weekly or monthly fee no matter how many players.

But the term "Per Head" stuck with the industry because it was already widely understood by all invloved. So just because a service claims to be a pay per head service, that does not mean they will only offer a per head price. They will most likely offer a host of different prices to meet the needs of today's bookies.