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Five Mistakes

If you are reading this article, you are most probably someone who wants to become good in gambling or someone who is thinking seriously about it. With that in mind, as an individual thinking of taking pay per head sports betting and gambling professionally, your days and months will definitely not follow a very clean straight line. You will experience multiple mornings when you wake up and regret on something you did last night; whether it is in a casino or in any sector of your betting career. Which yes of course, costs you a fortune of money which you could have used in better place. But as someone writing a sports betting tips article; I will not recommend you give up Betting. I am here to help you pin point some mistakes you probably don’t notice making while you bet.

  1. Bet on sports you are very familiar with: Betting business is very influencing. The wins and the odds often makes you want to taste the feeling you are seeing an acquaintance of yours is enjoying. This often makes betters bet on something they are completely clueless about. For example, who will score the first basket on a basketball game might look like a very easy bet to make but it is a wrong choice for a football fanatic to bet on. You might win the first one but you may lose the next ten. Be careful about that.

  2. Keep your head clean while betting: There are reasons why it is not okay to drink or smoke in an office atmosphere. Because, an uncool head is the start of some very uncool accidents and results. Often while drinking and gambling, your head sends you the wrong signals seeing a wrong route of success which when you get over your drunkenness; will find it utterly idiotic. Keep your head clean, win bets and celebrate in the off hour with pocket full of money is my advice to you.

  1. Don’t give onto your greed: Often betters get greedy after losing some cash and wanting them back immediately. Yes, some people see success on this method but that doesn’t necessarily mean you will too. If you lose at least lose not being greedy, you will learn something from it. Losing with greed will only cause regrets.


  1. Quantity over quality: As a beginner sports better with not much experience in betting, you will only be toyed around by the experts. Betting big right off the bat might not bring good result. Bet small win small, but make the factor of winning natural by learning through multiple bets. When you know how to win, make bigger stakes and you will start to see your dream much closer than it is now.


  1. Pick good place to bet: For example a trusted company with dependable pay per head service. Bookiesoft is a good place for both beginners and pros as they have categories of betting in their system. Bet365, pay per head etc. are also famous names but those do not have the category service favorable for the beginners. Go check‘em out. You never know, the company that you are trusting with your money may not be your greatest choice after all.


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What's new in Sports betting? - 4.5 out of 5 based on 35 votes
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New sports betting

If the best clubs in the whole world played one season in a another league like BPL; sports betting fanatics will go crazy. Because, this will pull up the curtain to a whole new level of football league. People may call it super league, ultimate league or whatever. The fact remains is that it will be exciting. For the footballing giants that is.


What I'm trying to say is if Madrid and Barcelona plays in BPL, they will 10times as hard times to win the league. No offense to their supremacy but in LA Liga they barely have any competition. Whereas, teams like Manchester united, Man city, Arsenal faces defeat even against team in the bottom four of the league table. This unpredictability is what makes BPL or in other words English premiere league on of the most viewed football league in the whole world.


I assume this unpredictability will definitely have effect on the football giants like Madrid-Barca. And it will certainly give the sports beters a thrill they have been waiting for. Now as we know, this idea is just fitting as a fantasy. So people, hold your horses. And keep your money to reality.

BPL is exciting on it's own but why I wrote this article is to unveil a new era of sports betting which I was trying to envision. While I was looking for how, I came upon this bizarre idea.


What sports betting needs now is thrill and excitement. And in coming years we are going to give you just that. So sit tight and while you are at it, enjoy our pay per head service which comes with a 2 weeks free addition. Join now and earn big while we bring you something you will really want to dig.

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Expensive but affordable Per Head Bookie Services in USA - 4.6 out of 5 based on 31 votes
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Affordable Pay Per Head

Expensive yet affordable, sounds very interesting right? For your info, here in the headline the meaning of expensive carries a metaphoric significance. I think you have already got the idea. By expensive we are referring to a bookie service that can be brought to you when you spend a lot of money. But by affordable, we are referring to that expensive service which we will bring to you in exchange of an affordable rate. As a bookie, I think it sounds more like an offer you can’t refuse, right?

Let me take you down to why I’m calling our “per head” service an expensive one.

Pay Per Head Starts at $5
• We let you bet on every sport in the World
• We include live wagering
• We offer you Premium Personalized Websites
• Horse Book is also Included
• We let you Change Juice and Other Settings
• Secure Offshore Facilities
• Casino betting is also available
• 24x7 customer service agents ready to take any calls like an SOS

With Bookiesoft, you are in control and can add as many players and agents as you want. Choose from pay-per-head, unlimited agent or a white-label custom website. Our Pay-Per-Head service starts at $5/week and our Unlimited Agent account allows for as many users as you want, pay per week.
If you want your own domain, want to choose your sports and betting configurations, customize your website look, we offer a customized solution starting at just $799 per month. You will never go back to paying per head again. Our websites get the latest odds, games and scores from our sports feed every minute of every day. The custom package provides you with full control of your website including moving the lines, cancelling games and adding custom games/events. So don't pay per head, start using our unlimited service today! All of our data is located offshore on our secure servers in Costa Rica.

Are you assured now that our service fits the title very well? If you do, then what are you waiting for? Contact us now and make your bookie career flourished with our loyal and expensive service.

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Why sports betting is for you - 4.5 out of 5 based on 32 votes
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Sports betting for you

Why some people are jobless and stay jobless.

One word, discipline. The essays we read when we were at school to pass or get good marks on a subject, was not in our textbook for that sole purpose. It had greater meaning in the long run. Teachers added it to the syllabus so that kids get to learn what really is important for life, whether present or future.


Just the problem is, that's all that the teachers do on that matter. They don't usually do a good job trying to teach the students about what discipline is. The most rational explanation about that is, they aren't very disciplined about life themselves. So as a result, students don't learn and there comes a time when they feel lost and just Dont know what to do. At that time even if you give them a good lesson of discipline they won't really get it. Young age is the best time to learn something and apply it to life. When people grow old, they become too egotistic with themselves and reject any kind of lessons that doesn't match their own made ideals.


Leaving them stressed, tensed and what not?

But the most deadly symptoms people face at this time is being jobless. Their whole life living undisciplined at that time forms into such a monster, they just can't get rid of it.


This monster is called laziness. Laziness is more like the alter ego of the word discipline. Because, what Discipline teach people is not to abide by rules; it teaches us to be hard working. To maintain rules you have to work hard for it. Because you know,


Life has so many ways of getting you off your track. You have to work hard to maintain the car you are driving on the right track. People who have been jobless for a while r like so not because they are not skilled enough, its because they can't handle the thought of getting up early in the morning everyday and show up for work. It is totally insane comparing to the routine they are living on. This leads them to sympathize themselves when they do bad on an interview saying "I did my best, my competitors were just too good etc." Of course they are good. While you've been lazing around, they did their shit. No offense.


If the person wasn't as lazy as he is, he/she would have given some more effort into the preparation of the interview. Failure feels the worst when you fail at something without realizing the gravity of the situation.


Some even quit their job because they just can't handle restriction in the way they live and gets their ass into business but not making much from it in the end. Because even business needs hard work.


For the kind of people who are in love with their laziness and undisciplined way of life, there is something called gambling. Depending on something called luck which is something one doesn't make. Don't blame them, while some people totally ruin themselves in gambling, some do end up making fortune. But there are ways to use discipline in gambling to assure success too. Sports betting is one of the ways. Watching your favorite sport, lazing around at the same time earning money, isn't a bad idea is it?


If you are up to it; why don't you give it a try. We offer two weeks of free service to anyone who signs up with us. You can check in anytime & leave if you don't feel upto it. Enjoy our pay per head service and see the change it can bring to your life. Because the whole thing is designed to fit your life and fill just the right gap and take you one step closer to success.

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Sports Betting Site

How to create a sports betting website? The question contains a “How” in there which needs some good researching task for you to do.  Luckily you have all the help in the world in this modern time of internet and also, you have me. I’m going to summarize everything so that you can get some good start up exercise in less hard work. Because, hard work lies ahead.

Sports betting world is huge as sport is almost a daily phenomenon. And to set up your own sports betting website you must first find out where in the world is this gambling business is legal. Or you can find out if it’s legal at your own area, so that you can set up one in your area. If you monetize the site, through ads or agreements with casino sites, make sure the money is deposited into an account registered to a financial agency in the same country. The domain name is key; don’t choose a dot com when it would be better to have a dot AU, to reflect Australia where online gambling is legal. Don’t give anyone a chance to say what you are doing violates the law. Finding out and fulfilling the betting regulations are one of the major step to on how to create a sports betting website. The other helps like creating a website and designing are easy now days. You just need to ask the right guy to do it. But if you are determined to be best in this business, you are instructed to take professional help. Try reaching up to someone who is successful in this. They might give you a very valuable direction which articles and blogs around the world might not be able to.

Also, the “How” of How to create a sports betting website isn’t the hardest part. The hardest part comes when you try to maintain the business. Strategic, analyzed steps are required here and also getting the help of right pupil. Gambling is not the most trustworthy business around, so you’ve got to make it trustworthy to your clients. Writing blogs and articles in regular basis might help you out with that.


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